An evening at the gentleman’s club is one that you will never forget. There’s beautiful women, dancing, alcohol, music, food, and fun -everything a person could want. If you are ready for a good time at the gentlemen’s club in Seattle, the following tips are sure to make that possible.

Special Deals

Don’t think that gentleman’s clubs are all about the Benjamins. Just like other businesses, they want customers to get a good deal and many times offer special offers such as no cover charge for ladies, 2-for-1 drafts, or even free food. Most deals are available during daytime hours.

Bring Cash

Do not use the ATM machines at the strip club. Bring cash with you -singles preferably -and do not spend more money than what you bring with you. Going broke at the gentleman’s club can happen without realizing it otherwise.

Tip the DJ

We need to tip a lot of people at the strip club who bring us an extraordinary experience, including the DJ. The DJ keeps the music going and the party hype so he is one of the best people in the building deserving of your extra tips!

Do Not Touch Women

If you touch any of the dancers at the strip club the night probably will not end very well for you. In fact, the bouncers will likely escort you out of the building. The dancers are beautiful but there is a strict no touch policy at the club for a reason. Be respectful and abide by those rules.

Don’t Touch Anything

When visiting the restroom, be weary of everything around you. For obvious reasons, do not touch anything in the bathroom and make sure to wash your hands before you walk out!