Reading is a great skill to teach your children early. When they learn to read, they are able to understand the world more and can start making choices easier. When they are young, they will recognize things such as photos and words, however this is not reading. Coming up with summer reading ideas for kids is a great way to get them motivated.

Put them in the story

The first thing that you can do is put them in the story. If your kids are characters in the story then they will take a greater interest than reading about characters they can’t connect with. When they are in the story, they can also use their creativity to learn words they are saying and for you to introduce them to new words.

Start with short books

Another thing that you don’t want to do is give them books that are too large or complicated. Some readers will think that it will be too complicated and go into it with little to no effort. When you start with short books then they can see that it won’t be too difficult to get through.

Act out your books

You can also act out your books. When you are or become a character in your story and act it out you can really be creative and allow your child to think and explore. When they are able to see how the character reacts and moves, it allows them to figure out what words they associate with this.

Make your book interactive

You can also make your book interactive. You should ask questions and tell stories that will give you an opportunity to talk about things such as characters, plot points, etc. By doing this you will help connect your child to the book. This will also allow them to explore other parts of the story that they may have missed otherwise.