If you are headed to a strip club for the first time, you may be a bit nervous about the experience. We are all nervous when we do something for the first time, but there is no reason to be. The night ahead at the strip club is one that will be filled with fun and excitement.

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We’ve put together some tips that you can use to ease the fear that comes along with a first time strip club event.

Go With a Friend

One way to minimize worries as a first timer at the strip club is to make the visit with a friend. We never want to go out by ourselves because that is boring and lame, but with a friend, all of the fun you can imagine awaits.

Choose the Right Club

There are tons of strip clubs out there and each one has a different vibe and ambiance. Some may make you feel right at home and relaxed while others not so much. Learn as much as possible about the strip clubs in the area before choosing which one you will be going to for the evening.

Take Singles

Tipping strippers is strongly encouraged. They’ll make the night well worth it for you if you tip them. So make sure that you have plenty of singles and even fives, tens and twenties readily available for tipping.

Go With the Flow

Pay attention to others and their behaviors. Go with the flow and follow in their lead and you will do just fine at the strip club.

Get ready for great strip club music, loud noise, lights, and fun when you visit the strip club. Use the tips above to ease your worries and make the night one you never forget.